My Journey Of Astrology

As an astrologer, my purpose is to utilize the profound wisdom and knowledge of astrology to empower and improve the lives of my clients. By delving into the celestial energies and cosmic influences, I gain insights into the patterns and cycles that shape an individual’s life journey.

VaskerDeb Chakraborty

Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist, VaastuBid

For 15 transformative years, I have passionately practiced as a KP astrologer, empowering countless lives through profound birth chart and kundali consultations. My expertise encompasses relationship challenges, mental well-being, education hurdles, and Vastu doshas. Utilizing the invaluable tool of palm reading, I offer insightful guidance. With Vedic mantras and empowering tips, I aid in healing and personal growth. Witness the positive impact as I guide you towards resolution and transformation.

My Services

A skilled astrologer possesses a solid foundation in astrology, including the study of planetary movements, celestial configurations, and their symbolic interpretations.


We create kundali Chart by computerized Krishna Murthy Process, analyze and interpret planetary positions, and make predictions about future events.


As a palmist practices palmistry, the art of interpreting the lines and features of a person's hand to gain insights into their personality traits and potential future events.


By calculating your core Numerology numbers, we reveal the profound patterns influencing every aspect of your daily life!

Vastu Consultant

In a Vastu Shastra consultation, we assesses your space, identifies imbalances, and suggests remedies to optimize energy flow. It aims to align the design with Vastu principles for enhanced well-being and success.

Marriage Counselling

Marriage matching, also known as horoscope matching or Kundli matching, is a process in which the compatibility of two individuals is assessed based on astrological factors to determine their suitability for marriage.

Vedic Puja

Vedic astro puja refers to the performance of traditional Hindu rituals and prayers based on Vedic astrology principles to seek blessings, divine guidance, and auspicious energies for various aspects of life.

What My Clients Say About Me

Discover how astrology transformed my life and aligned the universe in my favor.

Samar Das Musician

I am grateful for the astrologer's guidance. Their wisdom and support have helped me navigate challenging times and make important life decisions.

Kalyan Saha Self Employed

I was skeptical at first, but this astrologer changed my mind. Their accurate insights and compassionate guidance have exceeded my expectations.

Rupali Chakraborty IT Manager

Finding this astrologer was a blessing. Their profound understanding of astrology and empathetic nature have brought me immense comfort and guidance.

Rahul Yadav Business

I've consulted many astrologers, but this one stands out. Their wisdom, authenticity, and genuine care have made them my trusted guide.

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